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Q. How come Japanese people slurp Japanese and Chinese noodles but not spaghetti? ○ (写真挿入) 質問:何故、日本

A. During childhood, children in North America and Europe are always told that it is very bad manners to make slurping sounds while eating. Most Westerners are also taught that for digestion, one should not eat one's food too fast, and slurping is associated with hurried eating. Slurping noises are considered unpleasant, and since meals are a time for refined conversation and good manners, when non-Japanese people visit a ramen shop, many are shocked by how noisy it is. Many also wonder why Japanese people slurp soba, ramen and udon, but not Western style noodles.


One reason is that hot soba and ramen should be eaten very hot in order to get the full flavor. When slurping, Japanese people take in a lot of air to cool the noodles just before swallowing them. Another reason is that soba noodles in cold broth are considered to be such a simple taste, that in order to get the full experience, one should use all ones senses while eating them--the slurping sound will activate your hearing and make the flavor come out.


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