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Seminar Notes

Hello everyone!

Matsumoto-san, Yamada-san and I had a great time,

and we also hope that you enjoyed the event! 

Wouldn't it be great if we could do this again next year?! 

I hope I can see you all there again!

Please feel free to friend me on facebook:  デイビッド セイン

All the best!


I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the seminar topic, or anything else.   Let's keep in touch!






A: Um, excuse me. I seem to be lost. I want to go to Okinawa Art Museum. Can you tell me the way.

B: Oh, maybe you’re going to the English seminar. Me too!  Maybe the best thing to do is to go together. 

A: That’s so kind of you. Thank you. Is it pretty hard to get there?

B: Oh, it’s easy. It’s just a 10 minute walk from here. 

We can walk there in 10 minutes.

It’s only 10 minutes b y foot. 

A: Oh, thank you so much! We’re on time!




A: Hi, are you from Japan?

B: Yes, I’m Japanese. I’m going back to my hometown.  Where are you going to?

A: Oh, I’m going to this place. See, I’m interested in Japanese culture. Do you know Akihabara?

B: Oh, yes, indeed. I love going there when I go to Tokyo. I recommend going to Joshin Denki and Yodobashi Camera. 

A: How do I get there from Haneda?

B: Just take the Monorail to Hamamatsu, and then get on the Yamanote Line going to Tokyo Station. Akihabara Station is two stops past Tokyo Station. 

A: Thanks!

B: Have a good time!


A: Sorry, but would you mind standing up?

Sorry, but could I get out?

B: Okay.

A: I’m not feeling well. 

I’m feeling kind of sick. 

B: Are you okay?

Can I help you with something?

Can I help you with anything?

A: Thank you for your concerning.  




A: Could I see your travel book?

Is that travel book for Japan?

I couldn’t help noticing, you have a travel book for Japan.




A: I’m really sleep.  I was so busy yesterday. 

B: That’s too bad. I hope you can get some rest.



A: Where do you recommend I go?

Do you have any suggestions for me?

What’s the most interesting thing to see in Okinawa?

B: How long will you be here?

A: About three days?

B: How about Itoman?  You can see the peace memorial.  


A: Can I help you with anything?

B: Yes, I’m trying to get to Noren Ichiba.

A: You need to walk down this street.  Keep walking until you come to a big road. Turn right and go 20 meters. It’s on your left. 



A: Can I help you with anything?

B: I’m looking for nuts. 

A: Oh, the nuts are over there.

The nuts are on Aisle 3.

The nuts are on the back wall. 

Let me take you there. 

B: Thanks. 

A: Is this what you’re looking for?

B: Yes, that’s right.  Thanks!



A: Where are you from?

B: I’m from the UK. What about you?

A: I’m from Okinawa. 

B: I’m looking forward to seeing Okinawa. 

A: Where do you plan on going?

B: I haven’t decided. 

A: How about the Churaumi Aquarium. It’s the biggest aquarium in Asia. 

B: That sound great!  How can I get there?

A: It’s easiest to go by bus. 

B: You can get on a bus at the airport.  

A: Can I go and come back in one day?

B: Yes, the tours leave at around noon, and you’ll get back to Naha at around 6:00. 

A: Is it expensive?

B: No, it costs less than 4,000 yen. 




A: Could you call me a taxi?

B: Sure. just one moment. 

A: Thanks. 

B: Your taxi will be here in about five minutes. The taxi number is 46. 

A: Okay. How much will it take to get from here to Shuri Castle?

B: I think around 2,000 yen, but it depends on the traffic. 



A: Are you sightseeing?

Are you here for sightseeing?

Are you a tourist?

B: Yes, I am.

Yes, that’s right.

Do you have any recommendations for me?

What do you think I should see?

A: Are you interested in historical things or modern things?

B: I’d like to learn about the traditions and customs of Okinawa.

A: How about going to Shuri Castle?



A: Hello, may I help you?

Hi. Do you need help with anything?

Do you know where you’re going?

B: Oh, thanks. Where is Omoromachi Station?

A: Go straight for 300 meters. It’s on the left. 

You can see a big building near there called DFS Gallery.

B: Thanks!

A: Good luck, and have fun!



A: How can I get into the castle?

B: You need to buy a ticket. 

A: The counter is over there.



A: How about going to Zamami? They have beautiful beaches. 

B: How can I get there?

A: You need to go to Tomari Port. You can get on a ferry. 



A: How can I get there?

B: Get on the train for Kyoto, then get off at Kuinabashi.  

A: About how long will it take?

B: About 30 minutes.  

A: Thanks for your help. 

B: You’re more than welcome!  Have a good time!



A: Hi, I’m Ayumi. I’m Japanese. Where are you going?

B: I haven’t decided. Do you have any suggestions?

A: I recommend going to a traditional Japanese restaurant. 

B: I’d like to try miso soup and umeboshi. I like sour plumbs. 



A: Oh, hello. Are you going to Japan?

B: Yes. You too?

A: Yes, I am. Do you have any specific plans?

Are you planning to visit some specific places?

B: I haven’t decided yet, but I’m going to visit my cousin. 

A: Oh, I see.  

B: She lives in Chatan. 

A: Oh, really, that’s an interesting area.  



A: Um...excuse me. I seem to be lost. 

B: Oh, I see. Where are you going?

A: I need to go to DFS.

I’m trying to go to DFS. 

B: Okay, let me take you there!

A: But maybe it’s too far to go on foot.  I don’t want to trouble you. 

Maybe it’s too far to walk. 

B: Maybe the best thing to do is to go by taxi?

Maybe you should take a taxi.  

A: Oh, I see. Let’s go!



A: Could you tell me how to buy tickets for my family?

There’s me, my two children, and one senior citizen. 

There are two adults and two children.

B: Okay, push this button for two children, and this button for two adults.  There’s not a special price for senior citizens. 



A: Hello! So, it looks like you’re going to Japan?

B: Oh, hello. Yes, that’s right. 

A: Well, actually, I’m from Japan. I’m on my way home. 

B: Oh, how nice. 

A: So, where are you going to stay?

B: Oh, I’m going to stay in Tokyo. 

A: Oh, I live in Tokyo!

B: Oh, wow!  Could you tell me where the best spots are in Tokyo?

A: Of course. I definitely recommend Akihabara. 

B: Thanks. I’ll check it out.  

A: If you’re interested in traditional things, you should go to Kamakura.

B: Oh, I am.  What’s in Kamakura?

A: A lot of temples and shrines. It’s really beautiful. 



A: Hi. Are you looking for some places to visit?

B: Oh, yes. It’s my first time here, and I don’t have any plans yet. 

A: Oh, really? What type of things are you interested in?

B: Well, I’d like to go to a beach, and I’m also interested in doing some shopping.

A: How about going to Chatan? There’s a beautiful beach there, and they also have a lot of shopping malls. 

B: That sounds nice. 



A: Hello. Are you going to Japan for sightseeing?

B: Yes, that’s right. This is my first time to visit Kyoto.

A: Oh, really? Actually, that’s met hometown. Have you decided where to go?  (Have you made plans?)  

B: Not yet. Do you have any recommendations for me? That would be a great / big help.   

A: Since you’re going to Kyoto for the first time, you may want to visit GP. 

B: Oh, I see. Is that quite famous?

A: Yes, it is. It might be crowded, but it’s worth seeing. 

B: Okay, I’ll be sure to go there. 



A: Oh, are you going to Japan?

B: Yes, this is my third time. 

A: Oh, really?!  Where are you going this time?

B: I’m going to visit Osaka. 

A: Do you know anyone there?

Do you have any friends there?

B: Actually, I don’t know anyone there, but the Air B&B owner will help me get around. 

A: Oh, you’re staying at an Air B&B. 

B: Yes. It’s convenient and the rates are reasonable. 

A: I hope you have a great time in Osaka. 

I hope you have a good time in Osaka. 

B: Thanks!



A: I couldn’t help noticing your going to Japan.

I couldn’t help noticing your Japan travel guide. 

B: Oh, hello. Yes, that’s right. Are you Japanese?

A: Yes, I am. is this your first time to go to Japan?

B: Actually, this is my second time. 

A: Oh, yeah? Where in Japan did you visit last time?

B: I went to Tokyo, Ishikawa and Hokkaido. 

A: Oh, wow! You went to Tokyo, Ishikawa and Hokkaido. That’s a lot of places. How long did you travel?  (How long did it take you?)

B: About two weeks. I flew to Tokyo, stayed there for about five days, and then moved to Ishikawa, and then Hokkaido. 

A: Did you go back to Tokyo to fly home?

B: No, I flew to Hong Kong from Hokkaido. 

A: Oh, so you’re from Hong Kong?

B: No, I’m actually from Taiwan, but I’m living and working in Hong Kong. 

A: Oh, that sounds interesting. What type of work do you do?

B: I’m a teacher. I teach English. 

A: Oh, really?! That’s what I do.  




A: Oh hello. Are you traveling to Japan?

Headed to Japan?

B: Yes, I really like Japanese temples and shrines. 

A: Oh, that’s nice. So are you going to go to Kyoto?

B: No, I’m going to go to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. 

A: Really? I’m heading to Tokyo too. Maybe I can show you around Meiji Shrine and Harajuku. 

B: Oh, you’re so kind. I love Harajuku culture.  I especially like Japanese sweets. 

A: Oh, me too. What kind of sweets do you like?

B: I like sakura-mocha. 

A: That’s delicious.  

A: By the way, do  you know Kary-pamu pamu? She’s my friend. 

B: Oh, really?!  



A: Hi. Can I help you?

B: I’d like to visit Shuri Castle. 

A: Oh! I can talk you there. 

It’s not far. Let me take you there. 

B: Oh, thanks!

A: How about tomorrow?

B: I have to go on the day after tomorrow.

A: Oh, see. Let’s go today then!

B: Okay, sounds great!



A: Hi, this is Toshi with Apple Company. How may I help you?

B: Oh, hi. May name is Sally Smith, and I have  problem. I bought an iPhone from your Okinawa branch, and now it won’t start. 

A: Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that. Could you describe the problem?

Could you give me details?

B: Okay. When I push or touch the start button. I can't see anything change. 

A: I see. It might not be charged. 

B: Actually, I charged it, so I’m sure that’s not a problem. 

A: Could you try removing the batter and putting it back in?

B: Okay, let me do that right now.... Oh, wow! It works now. 

A: Oh, that’s great.  

B: What if it happens again?  

A: I don’t think it will, but if it does, please bring it into the shop in Okinawa or anywhere else. We might be able to fix it on the spot, but we might have to send it into the repair shop.  

B: How long will it take, in that case?

A: Probably about a week. 

B: Okay. thanks for your help. 

A: Thanks for calling. Have a nice day. 



A: Oh, hello! Are you traveling to Japan?

Oh, hi! Headed to Japan?

B: Yes. I want to visit here.

Yes, I want to go to this place. 

A: Oh, I see. Oh, dear. 

B: What’s the problem?

Is something wrong?

A: The facility is closed for renovation. 

It’s being renovated, so it’s closed now. 

B: Oh, really? Oh, my goodness.  

Oh, dear. 

Oh, that’s too bad. 

A: I recommend going to Shuri Castle instead. 

How about going to Ryukyu Village instead?

If I were  you, I think I’d go to Ryukyu Village.
It’s not far from here.  

B: Oh, you’re so kind. 




A: Oh, hi. 

B: Oh, hello. 

A: Are you going to Japan too?

B: Yeah, it’s going to be my first time to visit Japan. 

A: Oh, how nice! Are you excited?

B: Yeah, I can’t wait to see everything. 

Yeah, I can’t wait to get there. 

A: Yeah, I love traveling to other countries. 

Yeah, traveling to new countries is so much fun. 

B: Hey, I’m looking for some interesting sightseeing spots. 

Hey, I’m looking for some fun places to go. 

A: I can show you around!

Let me show you around!

B: Oh, thanks!




A: Hello. Excuse me, but are you reading a tourist guidebook about Okinawa?

B: Oh, hello. Yes, I am. I’m just wondering if there are any interesting places to visit.  

A: What kind of things are you interested in?

B: I like history and traditional things. I’m also into nature, so I want to go to some beaches. 

A: How about going to Shuri Castle?  

B: Is it really old?

A: The original castle was very old, but the current one was rebuilt in the 1990s. It’s really beautiful, and it’s a great place to learn about the history of Okinawa. 

B: That sounds wonderful. Thanks!



A: Is this your first trip to Japan?

B: Oh, yes. That’s right.  How about you?

A: Well, I live in Japan. Maybe I can help you with your travel plans. 

B:  Oh, thanks. I’m going to go to Okinawa. Do you have any recommendations?

A: The beaches are beautiful, and they have a unique culture there. 

B: Oh, I see. 

A: Maybe you should visit Shuri Castle. 

B: That sounds interesting. 



A: You should visit Shuri Castle.

B: Oh, really?  Tell me more about it. 

A: Well, it’s a beautiful castle built on the ruins of the original castle.  

B: Oh, I see. 

A: Be sure to take a picture in front of the Shuri Castle gate. 

B: Oh, okay.  

A: Maybe you should learn about the history of the castle. 

B: Yes, I’d like that. 

A: I’ll definitely visit Shuri Castle today. 

B: Have a good time!



A: Um, excuse me. I seem to be lost. Could you help me. 

B: Sure. Where do you want to go?

Where are you headed?

Where do you need to get to?

A: know, I’m trying to get to the museum. 

B: Oh, the Okinawa Museum of History?  

A: Yes, that’s right. 

B: OI, keep walking down this street until the next crossing. 

A: Got it. And then?

B: Then turn right at the crossing. 

A: Oh, I see. 

B: Then keep walking straight as far as you can. (突き当たりまで)Then you can see the museum on your left side. It’s a big white building with small windows. 

A: Okay, thanks for your help!




A: Hi, it looks like you’re going to visit Japan. 

B: Oh, yes, I’m looking forward to my trip. 

A: I’d be happy to help you get around, if you’d like. 

B: Thanks!  Could you tell me where I can see some World Heritage sites?  

A: Well, how about going to Okinawa? They have some beautiful beaches there, and they also have some old castles.  

B: That sounds amazing!





A: Today I wanna show you how to play the piano. 

Today I’d like to start to teach you how to play the piano. 

B: Oh, thanks. 

A: First, you need to adjust the bench seat.  Just pull on this lever.  I think it needs to be a little higher.  Okay, good!

B:  Okay, what’s next?

A: The next thing is to put your hands on the keyboard. 

B: Okay, teacher. Like this?

A: If you use too much force, you’ll have serious problems with your wrists.  Put your hands lightly on the keyboard. You don’t have to push very hard. Push gently.  

B: I know it doesn’t sound very good.  

Is that okay?

Did that sound okay?

A: Wow, you did an amazing job!

That was great!


Thanks! Message sent.

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